Seasonal Cocktails

Ask bartenders about nightly specials.

Taiga (Tay-gah) | $15

Named after the loveable, fluffy dog of one of our bartenders, this playful cocktail combines fresh strawberries, ginger, and mint with a strong backbone of Makers Mark bourbon and Averna. Served on the rocks.

Red-Headed Pimm’s Cup | $15

Our twist on a traditional Pimms Cup, only sexier. Strawberries, cucumber, and a kiss from a mermaid. Served on the rocks.

Las Chanclas De Mama

It looks so innocent just sitting there, but it’s surprising how hard it hits. Xicaru Mezcal, Casa Noble Anejo, Tajin, and Bitter LA Desert Snake Oil Elixir Habanero Bitters. Served in a Coupe.

Classy Dame | $15

Ever wanted to feel like you were a Raymond Chandler character in a black and white movie? Sip on this bubby concoction of Lillet, St. Germaine, lemon and Prosecco and get in touch with your inner femme fatale. Served in a Champagned Flute.

The 3rd Chakra | $15

The Solar Plexus chakra represents pleasure, self-esteem, and will-power. Meditate on the flavors of Hendricks gin, Aloe Vera, and lime to find your own inner peace. Served in a Martini glass.