Classic Cocktails

Happy Hour 5pm - 9pm everyday.
Ask bartenders about nightly specials.

The Falls Royale | $13

Choose either gin or vodka and sit back to enjoy one of the all-tiem favorite Falls cocktails, made in a flute with blood orange and Prosecco.

The Modesto | $13

Some say he’s been here since before the building was built. Named for our perennial bar back who exemplifies the balance of smooth and spicy in this cucumber, Serrano and Ancho Reyes tequila cocktail.

The Rustic | $13

One of our best-selling cocktails is a refreshing rush of gin and grapefruit. The only thing we don’t provide is the front porch to sit on while you sip it.

The Hunter | $13

Simple, strong, and juicy. Taste this mix of Old Forester, honey, lemon, and orange bitters and you’ll know your hunt is over.

The Mustang Ranch | $13

All of the excitement, none of the regrets. Stoli Hot jalapeño vodka makes it spicy, fresh strawberries and basil make it sweet and smooth. Just don’t tell your mom.