Beer and Wine

Happy Hour 5pm - 9pm every day.
Ask bartenders about nightly specials.

Beers on Tap

Cigar City ‘Florida Cracker’ Witbier $8

Citrusy with hints of coriander and vanilla. If you like Hefeweizens or wheat beers, you have to try out this invigorating ale! | ABV. 5.0%

Firestone ‘805’ Blonde Ale $8

Easy-drinking California blonde with well balanced malts and a touch of hop. Clean finish and very refreshing. | ABV. 4.7%

Ommegang ‘Rare Vos’ Amber Ale $8

Mellow and flavorful Belgian dubbel-style ale from Cooperstown, New York. Slightly fruity, slightly spicy, massively tasty. | ABV. 6.5%

Mother Earth ‘Bo Koo’ IPA $8

All mosaic hops, pilsen grains. Fresty, cirtusy, fresh, with a hint of the tropics. | ABV. 6.5%

Brooklyn Brewery Lager $8

Dry-hopped Viennese-styled lager. Slightly floral, malty, very drinkable. | ABV. 5.10%

Guinness $8

A dark, creamy, light-boded dry stout. | ABV. 4.20%

Bottle Beers

Amstel Light, Modelo (Negra & Especial), Stella Artois, Chimay Triple, Tecate (can), Olympia (can), Dos Equis, Pabst (can), Dos Equis, Crispin Apple/Pear Cider, Brooklyn Defender IPA



Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc


Cabernet Pinot Noir


Schramberg, California $60
Taittinger Brut, France $80
Veuve Cliquot, France $130
Zardetto Prosecco (split)
Cristalino Brut (by the glass)