Cocktails and Beers

Happy Hour 7 p.m.–9 p.m. every day.
Ask our bartenders about nightly specials.


The Falls Royale $13

Choose either gin or vodka and sit back to enjoy one of the all-time favorite Falls cocktails, made in a flute with blood orange and Prosecco.

The Modesto $13

Some say he’s been here since before the building was built. Named for our perennial barback who exemplifies the balance of smooth and spicy in this muddled cucumber, Serrano pepper, and tequila cocktail.

The Rustic $13

One of our best-selling cocktails is a refreshing rush of gin and grapefruit. The only thing we don’t provide is the front porch to sit on while you sip it.

Winter Fling $16

Elegant, velvety, and refined, this extravagant martini will seduce you with its bold flavors of spiced pear, ginger, and lemon, over a Titos vodka base.


It’s Tiki time no matter what season! Bright, citrusy, sweet and full of sassy flavors of orange, melon, almond, and dry spice on top of rum and gin, you‘ll be saying “manuia” (cheers in Tahitian) all year long!

The Falls Old Fashioned $18

We started from the bottom, now we’re here. Our new house recipe turns this classic upside down with a robust helping of Hennessey VSOP Privilege, rich demerara, and a secret mix of bitters.

The Wildling $16

You never saw it coming. An exciting and full-bodied combination of Averna Amaro, Basil Hayden Dark Rye, mint, lemon, and luxardo cherry. Careful, danger is addictive.

The Falls Toddy 4.0 $16

Every year we make it crazier. A steaming hot cocktail with Calvados, Cutlers Apple Pie, lemon, maple, and cinnamon. If this doesn’t warm your cold heart, you’re dead.

Mole Olé $18

¡No mames! That‘s what you’ll say when you try this suave blend of llegal Anejo Mezcal, Amaro Nonino and Luxardo.

Swipe Right $14

This one’s a keeper. Or at least a fun dalliance. Hera the Dog Vodka, Lime, Blood Orange juice.

Beers on Tap

Figueroa Mountain Danish Red Lager $8

Beautiful amber color enhances this malty and caramel-forward ale | ABV. 5.5%

Firestone ‘805’ Blonde Ale $8

Easy-drinking California blonde with well-balanced malts and a touch of hop. Clean finish and very refreshing | ABV. 4.7%

Bells ‘Oberon’ Wheat Ale $8

Mildly fruited, delicately spiced with hops, invigorating and exciting for fans of Hefeweizens or white ales. | ABV. 5.8 %

Lagunitas IPA $8

An all-time classic, made with 42 hops and 65 malts. Flawlessly balanced. | ABV. 6.2%

Claremont ’35 Miles NE’ Hazy IPA $8

Palate-bursting notes of grapefruit and guava in this unfiltered Citra and mosaic hop masterpiece. | ABV. 7%

Guinness $8

A dark, creamy, light-bodied dry stout. | ABV. 4.20%

Cigar City ‘Florida Cracker’ Witbier $8

Citrusy with hints of coriander and vanilla. If you like Hefeweizens or wheat beers, you have to try out this invigorating ale!
ABV. 5.0%

Firestone ‘805’ Blonde Ale $8

Easy-drinking California blonde with well-balanced malts and a touch of hop. Clean finish and very refreshing. | ABV. 4.7%

Ommegang ‘Rare Vos’ Amber Ale $8

Mellow and flavorful Belgian Dubbel-style ale from Cooperstown, New York. Slightly fruity, slightly spicy, massively tasty.
ABV. 6.5%

Mother Earth ‘Bo Koo’ IPA $8

All mosaic hops, pilsner grains. Frosty, citrusy, fresh, with a hint of the tropics. | ABV. 6.5%

Brooklyn Brewery Lager $8

Dry-hopped Viennese-styled lager. Slightly floral, malty, very drinkable. | ABV. 5.10%

Guinness $8

A dark, creamy, light-bodied dry stout. | ABV. 4.20%

Bottles & Cans

Modelo Especial, Stella Artois, Chimay Triple, Miller High Life (Can), Pabst Blue Ribbon (Can), Two Towns Bright Apple Cider (Can), Heineken, White Claw (Raspberry or Mango), Duvel Belgian Blond, Boochcraft Hard Kombucha (Ginger/Lime or Grapefruit/ Hibiscus)

Bottle Beers

Amstel Light, Modelo (Negra & Especial), Stella Artois, Chimay Triple, Tecate (can), Olympia (can), Dos Equis, Pabst (can), Dos Equis, Crispin Apple/Pear Cider, Brooklyn Defender IPA



Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc


Cabernet, Pinot Noir


Schramberg, California $60

Taittinger Brut, France $80

Veuve Cliquot, France $130

Zardetto Prosecco (split)

Cristalino Brut (by the glass)